Free Monthly & Annual Budget Templates for Small Business Owners

Looking for a simple and professional budget template to help you organize your finances? Click the button below to download your free budget template and read on for tips on using it for your small business!


Keep an eye on your numbers

Our free simple and professional budget templates use categories to help you see what’s coming in and going out each month. Keeping track of your income and expenses has never been easier.

In this template you’ll find:

  • Monthly Budget tab
  • Annual Budget tab
  • A spot to upload a logo

Just starting with budget templates?

We totally get it. Just starting out is the most exciting time for a small business owner, congratulations on your new venture! To help you get going, we’ve gathered some of our best knowledge for businesses just like yours, so you can understand your numbers ASAP.

Soon, you’ll be able to download our free comprehensive PDF guide to “Budgeting for Truly Small Businesses”, or keep reading, and let’s get budgeting!

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Budgeting App vs. Traditional Budgets

The majority of small businesses are small, really small, with 500 or less transactions in a year. With 24 hours in a day—and only 16 hours when you’re awake to run your business—truly small businesses need a better way to save time, cut costs, and streamline processes.

There are many tangible and intangible benefits to using an online budgeting tool. Here’s a look at how online budgeting apps compare to traditional paper budgets.

Average Time To Record Transactions


Cost to Create

Automatic Reporting

Smart Business Insights

Mobility and Flexibility

Data Storage

Environmental Impact

Easiest Budgeting and Expenses App

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Benefits of Using a Budget App

Budgeting is critical to your small business’ health. It gives you the knowledge and insight you’ll need to eliminate wasteful spending, understand your cashflow, and become profitable quicker.

A well planned small business budget will show you how many sales you need to cover your expenses. From there, you’ll have better understanding of how much you have left to reinvest into your business.

Save time on manual entry

Budgeting apps will pull your transactions right from your bank, saving you the time from manually entering transactions and doing calculations every week or month.

Make smarter business decisions

Automatic business insights allow you to understand different aspects of your business, from your cash flow, to your best vendors.

Get more out of your tax deduction

Get the maximum benefit from your small business tax deductions. With an automated system tracking your every expense, you’ll get more money back in your tax refund.

Separate your business and personal

Easily sort between business and personal expenses using an app without having to comb through each transaction.

We all need support sometimes

Join other like-minded entrepreneurs and share your successes, tell your business story, and ask for (sometimes much-needed) help! We’ve created a Facebook community for small business owners to connect.

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