4 Automation Tools To Help Free Up Time for Small Business Owners

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We know you’re swamped. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Small business owners are bound to wear many hats throughout their entrepreneurial journey (which fills up a lot of time in their schedule). That’s why we recommend using tools that help automate specific processes in your business, so you can free up time to build relationships with your customers, create products, or think of new services. 

We’ve been chatting with small business owners just like you to find their favourite tools that make their lives easier. Here are some of the top answers! 


For Automating Your Marketing Funnels

Marketing seems to be a task that all small business owners know they need but struggle to manage on their own. No matter what type of business you run, having a marketing plan and creating sales funnels will help your business maintain a steady flow of awareness, interest, and list potential clients.

Klaviyo used for automating your marketing

For automating your marketing funnels, Klaviyo is a commonly recommended tool amongst small business owners. Klaviyo allows you to automate email and SMS marketing messages and easily create popups and landing pages for your website. They integrate with most websites seamlessly and provide a ton of insights for you to continue to grow your business.

For Automating Your Accounting and Bookkeeping

Another daunting task for small business owners seems to be managing and updating their business financials. No small business owner ever expects to be an accountant or bookkeeper on top of running their business. But the truth is, this is one of the most important roles in your business! 

Automate Your accounting and bookeeping with trulysmall accounting

For automating your bookkeeping and accounting, and getting all the important business insights you need to grow your business, TrulySmall Accounting is one of the easiest tools available. TS Accounting is the only accounting software that allows you to have all of your transactions categorized in a matter of minutes, and your business insights available immediately for you to use. Having your financials organized allows you to apply for loans more easily, file taxes effortlessly, and even feel more confident when making business decisions. 

For Automating Your Schedule

Everyone wishes they could have an assistant on hand to delegate mundane tasks to—but it’s not always an accessible or affordable option. Thankfully, there are tools to automate just about any task you need to do, no matter how small or mundane! 

For automating your scheduling, Reclaim is an awesome tool that essentially provides a virtual assistant focused on making your days more efficient. Reclaim is a smart calendar assistant that syncs with Google Calendar and helps to reprioritize your schedule to be more productive. It can also help manage your tasks by analyzing your day and slotting in your to-dos where it makes sense. Want to see where you’re spending your time? Reclaim provides insights on your weekly productivity so you can see where you can further improve. 

For Automating Your Invoicing

TrulySmall Invoices

Using downloadable invoice templates is a great way to start invoicing when you first start your business, but as you grow, you’ll quickly see that this process gets cumbersome and time-consuming. To open a doc, change every line, move things around to fit different lengths of addresses, make sure the numbers are added up correctly…why bother with all these steps when there are easier ways? Not to mention tracking your invoices and keeping an eye on your accounts receivable becomes an absolute headache as you have to go through each email you send and check your bank account constantly. Who wants the stress of that!

Using a smart invoicing tool like TrulySmall Invoices takes away all of those unnecessary steps and lets you run your business in peace. TS Invoices will remember and save past clients so that all you have to do is enter the line item and you’ll be ready to go! We’ll also help you send out automatic invoice reminders so you don’t have to worry about following up. And if you’re looking to get paid even faster, you can use our Stripe integration to offer digital payment options to your clients such as Apple Pay, credit card, ACH, and more!

Get Automating!

There’s no reason why you still need to do these tasks on your own when there are great, affordable tools out there, purpose-built to make your life easier. No one said you had to do things all by yourself! With automation becoming more accessible for businesses of any size, it’s time to take advantage of these technologies and make your business (and life) less stressful!

trulysmall accounting

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