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Starting today, TrulySmall Expenses now supports CSV exports of your expenses! Now, accessing and utilizing your expense data is even more effortless. Whether you need to send your data to an accountant or download it for tax purposes, you can do so easily right from within the app.

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When does exporting my expenses come in handy?

Data accessibility is always an important feature to consider when looking at financial apps. Whether you need to share reports with your accountant, import data into other financial software, or simply want to share your records with someone, exporting in CSV format ensures maximum accessibility.

When you export your expenses from TS Expenses, you can select a specific time period, whether that’s past year, past month, past quarter, or a custom time period. We’ll then organize the data starting with the newest transaction and even include the tax category in which your transaction belongs.

Other data that’s included in the export are:

How do I export my data in TS Expenses

Exporting your data from TS Expenses is super easy.

  1. On the home page under ‘Get Started’, scroll to the right until you see the ‘Get a Report’ option
  2. Select the time period you want
  3. Click ‘Download Report’ and voila!

Get a report feature

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