With remote working becoming the norm, there has been a huge influx of freelancers across most global industries. In fact, World Bank data shows that 46.7% of all workers worldwide are self-employed and the total number of freelancers globally is estimated to be 1.57 billion people out of a total global workforce of 3.38 billion.

Even with the stiff competition, one study found that most web developers still see an annual business growth of an average of 25% or more. But just because job opportunities are still vastly available, doesn’t mean you should stop working to grow your business! It’s getting even more important to up your game when building your professional reputation.

You know how to be a great web developer, we don’t have to tell you. But here are 5 business mistakes to avoid for your business to continue to flourish!

5 Mistakes To Avoid as a Freelance Web Developer

Not building a website or portfolio for your business

It’s a universal experience for creatives to want to work on their own websites and portfolios last! With projects and clients always taking precedence, who has the time to build their own site? Although building and maintaining your own website doesn’t seem like it directly brings in the big bucks, It’s actually a crucial part of your business as it establishes your professionalism online as well as provides space for you to show off your work.

Being a web developer and not having your own website is like being a chef who doesn’t have their own signature dish. Without it, you’re essentially asking clients to hire you without seeing a sample of your craftsmanship. Take the time to create a professional website that reflects your unique flair, highlighting your best work and providing an easy way for clients to get in touch. Think of it as your online business card – an indispensable tool for leaving a lasting impression in the vast landscape of the web.

Not sending personalized invoices

Overlooking the importance of sending out branded and personalized invoices is a missed opportunity that many freelance web developers regret. Your invoices are more than just payment requests; they are a reflection of your professionalism and attention to detail. Branded invoices not only establish a cohesive and polished image for your business but also serve as a subtle marketing tool, reinforcing your brand identity with each transaction.

Personalizing invoices by addressing clients by name and customizing details according to the project creates a connection that goes beyond the transactional. It shows clients that you value their business and adds a human touch to the often bureaucratic process of invoicing. Remember, your invoices are a tangible part of the client experience, so why not make them as memorable as the stellar websites you craft?

Min Max: The easiest way to send personalized invoices is by using an invoicing tool like TrulySmall Invoices. Add your logo, select a colour, and even pick an invoice theme so that every invoice you send out is professionally designed and tailored for your business.

Failing to keeping up with new technology and skills

In the dynamic realm of freelance web development, where innovation is the name of the game, not keeping up with the latest tools and trends can be a significant misstep. The digital landscape evolves at breakneck speed, and clients seek developers who can offer cutting-edge solutions.

By resisting the urge to learn new technologies, you risk becoming obsolete and less competitive in the market. Continuous learning is not just a professional responsibility; it’s an investment in your career longevity. Embrace the challenge, stay curious, and let the thrill of acquiring new skills drive your journey as a freelance web developer. After all, the web waits for no one, and those who adapt thrive in the ever-evolving digital ecosystem.

Overlooking Copy Writing

Although copywriting probably wasn’t really what you signed up for when you started your web development career, it’s undeniably an important skill to have to stay competitive in today’s market. The ability to write compelling copy is often the bridge between your client’s vision and the online audience. It’s not just about coding and design; it’s about conveying your client’s message effectively.

Neglecting to improve your copywriting means potentially underselling the brilliant work you create. A well-crafted message can transform a visitor into a client and breathe life into the visual elements of your projects. Invest time in understanding the nuances of persuasive writing, and tailoring your words to engage and convert. After all, a stunning website deserves equally captivating content to truly leave a lasting impression on those who interact with your digital creations.

Managing your expenses and finances in Excel

Although you’ve known and used Excel since high school, it’s definitely not the most efficient or effective tool for keeping track of your income and expenses. Accounting software isn’t just for number crunchers; it’s your financial compass in the world of freelancing.

Efficient financial management not only helps you keep track of income and expenses but also provides valuable insights into the health of your business. With the right software, you can easily generate invoices, track payments, and stay on top of your tax obligations. Failing to embrace these tools can lead to financial disarray, potentially causing stress and complications down the line. Investing in an accounting software solution is like having a reliable co-pilot on your freelancing journey, helping you navigate the financial terrain with confidence and ensuring your business stays on a steady course.

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In the growing world of freelance web development, avoiding common business mistakes can actually be your ticket to success. Your portfolio is your digital handshake, networking is key, and continuous learning is non-negotiable. But let’s not forget the often underestimated aspects: building your personal website, sending out branded invoices, improving your copywriting, and managing finances with accounting software. These elements collectively contribute to your professional identity, client interactions, and overall business efficiency.

As you embark on your freelancing journey, remember, it’s not just about coding; it’s about creating a holistic, client-centric experience. So, don’t be the freelancer who misses the forest for the trees; take a step back, learn from these insights, and continue to evolve. Happy freelancing!


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