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The easiest expenses and budgeting app for small businesses

Take your business to the next step and start automating your budgeting and expense tracking! TrulySmall Expenses will help you keep an eye on your spending, get a bigger tax refund, and make smarter business decisions!

    Budgeting & Expense Tracking All In One Place

    Automate your transaction entries with receipt scanning

    Using OCR technology, we’ll enter all of your receipt details automatically. Just snap a photo and we’ll scan, read, and enter your receipt information as a transaction! Save all of your receipts digitally to avoid the annual tax audit anxiety.

    Use budgets to keep your spending in check

    Create a budget and we’ll keep an eye on your spending. Set spending limits for any of your categories and we’ll let you know when you’re getting close.

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    Keep your business running on-the-go

    TrulySmall Expenses is available for both Apple and Android devices, so you’re covered no matter where you are. Track expenses and check your budget on-the-go.

    We all need support sometimes

    Join other like-minded entrepreneurs and share your successes, tell your business story, and ask for (sometimes much-needed) help! We’ve created a Facebook community for small business owners to connect.