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5 Reasons You Should Start Customizing Your Invoices

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You just finished your first project and it’s time to invoice your client. Whether you’re a small business owner, freelancer, solopreneur, or contractor, the excitement is universal—you’re about to get paid for your hard work, what could be better than that?

But before you send off your invoice, there are a few things you need to know. We’ve talked about why you need to invoice, and what goes in an invoice. Your contact information, your client’s information, payment terms, and what you’re invoicing for are the most fundamental pieces of information to include on every invoice. But oftentimes, small business owners overlook the importance of branding their invoices.

So let’s discuss why branding your invoices is crucial as a small business owner, and how it benefits your business.

What does it mean to brand your invoice?

Adding branding to your invoices can be simple. Designers will sometimes go the extra mile and include specific design elements to spice up an invoice. (TrulySmall Invoices makes this easy with custom color and design selections btw!) The truth is not everyone has the time nor design skills to create a fancy invoice design so what’s the path to least resistance?

The easiest way to make your invoice stand out is by simply adding your logo to your invoice. Adding your logo is a must because not only are you leaving a more professional first impression, but it also makes it easier for your clients to remember who they’re paying.

Branded Invoices

Another easy way to add branding to your invoices is by adding color. This could be your brand color or any bright pop of color to make your invoice stand out. Both the TrulySmall Invoices app and our free invoice templates make this a simple process.

Branded Invoice

Why is it important to send branded invoices?

So the invoice now looks prettier, is that really enough reason to put in the extra effort? Beyond having a more beautiful invoice, branding your invoices has functional benefits as well that can help with the growth of your business.


Professionalism is key, especially when your business is just starting out. Yes, your client has already chosen you for this specific job but it’s equally important to make a lasting impression so that they continue to choose you in the future and want to recommend your services to their friends!

By putting in effort into the design of your invoice, you’re creating a strong brand image that reflects your values and quality of work. This helps to build a better reputation for you and your business and reiterates that you’ll always be the best person for the job.

Builds better relationships with customers

Adding branding to your invoices also sends a message to your clients that you care about them and the experience they have with your business. Although they aren’t the only client you’ll ever work with, sending them professional documents throughout the course of the project can make them feel special and like an individual rather than just another person you’ve invoiced.

Relationship building is key for businesses of any size, but while you’re still making a name for yourself, it’s important to prioritize this process.

Sets you apart from your competitors

Whether your services compete with other small businesses or larger enterprises, it’s critical to stand out amongst the noise. Most markets are overly saturated so how do you ensure you make an impression?

Apart from providing high-quality services or products, sometimes the answer is in the details. Professional branded estimates, contracts, and invoices make it immediately clear to clients who the documents are for and present you as a business that pays attention to details and believes in quality experiences.

Supports your marketing initiatives

If you’re creating social media posts, running digital ads, and sending out marketing collateral, congrats! You’re way ahead of the game. It’s obvious you need to include your logo and brand details in all your marketing efforts, so why aren’t you doing the same with your invoices?

Having branded invoices is another great way to support your marketing by showing clients there’s consistency in all your communications. Seeing your branding over and over is a great way to stay top-of-mind when they’re in need of services or products like yours in the future.

Helps you get paid faster

When you include all the crucial details an invoice requires along with branding and personalized details, it can actually increase the likelihood of getting paid faster. You’re probably not the only business they’re working with, so having an invoice that stands out allows your clients to quickly identify your business and feel more confident in paying right away.

Additionally, having a clear and easy-to-understand invoice removes any confusion they may have about when and how to pay your invoice. A well-designed invoice generally makes for an easier payment process for all parties involved.

Easiest way to customize your invoice

Branded Invoices

TrulySmall Invoices makes it incredibly easy to send invoices that truly reflect your business. Using our intuitive invoice creator, just upload your logo, choose a color and design, and you’ll have a professionally branded invoice ready to go in minutes! Not ready for an app? We also have designer-created invoice templates that are completely free to use. Start building the best reputation with your clients and thank us later.

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