Ripple Consulting LLC

Ripple Consulting LLC

Chicago, IL, USA

Ripple offers consulting and training services to empower organizations to understand and address systemic racism and other oppressive ideologies and structures. DEI (diversity equity and inclusion) work is very popular right now, and the work can be watered down or simply entered into for show. We strive to be different. Since no two organizations are the same, our services are tailor-made to each organization’s needs. We equip organizations with an anti-oppressive lens within their specific field of practice in order to dismantle all forms of oppression with the hope of creating a culture of transformational justice in their institutions and beyond.

We are a small team with diverse ethnicities, backgrounds, and identities; therefore, this work is personal to us. Our aim is to dig deeper in our work to ensure authentic, lasting cultural and identity change for each of our clients.