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Estimates feature on trulysmall invoices

Introducing Estimates: The Quickest Way To Send a Proposal

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Before we send out an invoice (or even get a job started), oftentimes we need to confirm the scope of work and pricing with the customer first to make sure everyone’s on the same page. The last thing you want is a discrepancy between their expectation of the rate and what you actually charge! After you leave your meeting with your prospective client, what’s the easiest way to send over an estimate of what your services will cost?

Estimates feature on trulysmall invoices

We’ve got you covered!

This week we’re proud to introduce the ability to send Estimates in TrulySmall Invoices. You can now create and send estimates right from the TrulySmall Invoices application and track the progress of all your prospective clients as well.

The newest update to the TrulySmall Invoices app gives you the ability to send “Estimates”. This can be used to give your clients an idea of project scope and costs before you start your project or job. Sending an estimate is a super easy 3 step process

  1. Create and Send an Estimate the same way you did with Invoices
  2. Your client receives an email with the estimate that has a link for them to accept the terms
  3. Get notified of the acceptance and start the job! 

Estimates feature on trulysmall invoices

Ready to invoice?

We’ve also made the flow seamless for when you’re ready to convert your estimate into an invoice. Once you’ve completed your project, simply right-click on the estimate to generate an invoice quickly and get paid. 

Ready to send your first estimate? Sign-in to your TrulySmall Invoices application to get the update!

Did you know that using invoicing software not only helps you to get paid faster but also reduces your invoicing costs by 29%? Start sending invoices free today with TrulySmall™ Invoices!