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New Entrepreneur

New Entrepreneur? Cloud-Based Accounting Software is For You

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Whether you like it or not, technology is here to stay—including cloud-based accounting software. If you’ve just started your small business, it’s a good idea to start implementing good bookkeeping practices and keep your financials in check by using the right accounting tools. Benefits such as accessibility, affordability, ease-of-use, and a minimal learning curve help entrepreneurs take advantage of their productivity.

Wondering if cloud-based accounting software is right for you? Here are 4 reasons you should consider.

New Entrepreneur

1. Accounting from anywhere, anytime.

Storing your bookkeeping in the cloud enables near-instant access to real-time data regardless of your location or device. For example, if the bank needed financial information for your business, you can easily pull up financial reports from your smartphone with TrulySmall Accounting. Cloud-based accounting software allows you to access recent data from literally anywhere—making monitoring your financials on-the-go that much easier.

2. Save time and get paid faster

One of the biggest wins in adopting cloud-based accounting software is time savings. There’s never enough time in a day for an entrepreneur. Whether it’s attending client meetings, brainstorming a new marketing strategy, or sponsoring a local non-profit—there just isn’t enough time.  With an accounting software like TrulySmall Accounting, you’ll never have to worry whether your accounts are balanced. You can also create invoices, send them, and accept payments (with options to pay by credit card) directly from your clients within TrulySmall Invoices. It’s that easy!

3. Get Organized

It’s far too easy to lose or forget about invoices, especially when they are prepared manually. Imagine creating an invoice using a Word template, saving it, emailing it to your client, and then organizing the invoices?  Oftentimes, they either get lost in the mail or ignored (and later forgotten). By the time you realize the invoice is late, you have to track it down by sorting through hundreds of email threads. Who has the time for that?

With cloud-based accounting software, the data is all there—organized in one place to be reviewed, reprinted, and resent. In the TrulySmall Accounting dashboard, your income and invoices are available along with a search bar to help identify specific invoices as well as clients. With this simple yet powerful feature, you have the confidence that all your invoices and expenses are saved, the numbers are accurate, and you can pull them up in less than a minute.

4. Accounting made simple

Starting out with accounting seems intimidating, but cloud based accounting makes it easy! Depending on which one you choose, a key advantage of using cloud-based accounting software is the minimal learning curve. Unlike other complex accounting software that have a plethora of features and are built for accountants, TrulySmall business focuses on simplicity. It’s user-friendly workspace helps to track your income, send invoices from straight from the dashboard, view financial statements, and more.

As an entrepreneur, work can often extend beyond just the typical 9-5. It gets really busy. That’s why it’s important to see how well cloud-based accounting software can impact your daily productivity. Not sure if it’s right for you? Try a 14-day free trial using TrulySmall to see how you and your small business can benefit from the right accounting tools.

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