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Free Receipt Templates for Small Business Owners​

Download and customize the free TrulySmall receipt templates and wow your clients with branded, personalized, and professional receipts!

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Free Receipt Templates

small business budget templates

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What is a receipt?

An receipt is an official record that proves that a financial transaction has happened between you and your customer. Receipts are necessary for tax purposes as it helps to show the income you’ve made. Some businesses also use receipts for inventory management. Your customer may also use them for accounting purposes or tax reimbursements.

The Anatomy of a Receipt


Receipt Title

Be sure to specify the title of the receipt so your customers can easily reference your receipt in the future.


Date of Receipt

Including a date on receipts is best practice to ensure both you and your customers stay organized.


Receipt Number

Add a receipt number for easy reference in the future.


Sender Info

Be sure to include your contact information so that customers are able to contact you with any questions.


Recipient Info

This one’s simple - always list the name and contact information of the client that the receipt was prepared for.


Line Item Description

Here’s where you get specific. Add a detailed description of the line items that make up the receipt ll go into the job.


Line Item Total Costs

Make sure to clearly list the total costs that were paid for by your customer.



Add a short, personalized note to express your appreciation of your customer, or in this case, tenant!


Total due/payable/paid

Be sure to list the total that was paid by your customer or tenant.

Just starting with receipts?

We totally get it. Just starting out is the most exciting time for a small business owner, congratulations on your new venture! To help you get going, we’ve gathered some of our favorite information for businesses just like yours so you can get paid and get the cash flowing ASAP.

Keep reading, and let’s get growing.

What's a receipt?

What do I put on an invoice?

What kind of file do I send?

How do I get paid?​

What's a receipt?

A receipt is an essential record to the sales you make for your business. It acts as proof that a financial transaction has occurred between you and your customer.

What do I put on a receipt?

A receipt is a document that serves as proof of a transaction between a buyer and seller. Typically, they contain information like the date of the transaction, the name of the seller, as well as descriptions, total costs, and quantities of the items or services that were purchased. And, don’t forget to add any taxes or processing fees.

What kind of file do I send?

The best type of file to send to your clients is a PDF file. The PDF is a great format for professional correspondence because it’s universal, versatile, and accessible. It also has the perfect balance of file size and quality making it the ideal choice when invoicing clients.

You can still use any of the free receipt template formats TrulySmall™ offers. When you are ready to export, export to PDF, and attach your file to your email!

How do I get paid?

The important part - how to get paid! There’s no right answer to this question, but the majority of small business owners are turning to digital payments to get paid in today’s economy. And it’s no secret why - accepting credit, debit, and ACH payments is the fastest, most secure way to get paid. And if you’re ready for a more streamlined approach when it comes time to getting paid - check out how we support digital payments at TrulySmall Invoices!

small business budget template

Benefits of using a free downloadable receipt template

Invoicing is at the core of any business—it impacts revenue and ultimately, cash flow. Whether you use a receipt template or an online invoicing software is the route you want to take, the key is to do it in the most efficient way possible.

Here are some of the many benefits of using a free receipt template for your truly small business.

Simple record-keeping for tax filing​

Downloading and using a free receipt template ensures that you have the info you need to file taxes at the end of the year! All of our receipt templates are accountant-approved, and will ensure you aren’t missing any critical financial information that you need to be recording.

Easy to use

No need to download or learn a new software you haven’t used before. Our free receipt templates let you start creating receipts with tools you’re already familiar with.

Have control over every aspect of your receipt

Branding? Add it. Personal note to your customer? Include it. Using a free receipt template allows you to control every aspect of your receipt—meaning it’ll always look exactly how you want it to look.

Cut storage costs and clutter​

Receipts printed on paper can cause a lot of clutter in your workspace! By using our free receipt template, you can avoid physical filing cabinets filled with receipts altogether. It’s also super easy to send the document to your team, your accountant, or whoever else needs it!